Monday, July 16, 2007

Let's Play Whac-a-Mole

It's a slow news day in Brazil, as the authorities gear up for another week of bashing the Americans who failed to "ensure the safety of Brazilian skies." (Yes, that's a direct quote from the charges already filed against the two American pilots, though it seems to me that we all must be guilty, in that Brazilian skies are manifestly not safe).

I'm already hearing that the congressional geniuses have freely garbled key transcriptions from the Legacy cockpit voice recorder in the lengthy report they are expected to release this week.

So let's play Whac-a-Mole!

Have fun while we wait for the Brazilian congress to emit a gaseous cloud of unfounded accusations later this week.

Why Whac-a-Mole? As we've been saying, in this case in Brazil every time an accusation is firmly rebutted by clear evidence and pounded firmly into a hole, up it pops up from a new hole).



William said...

At the beginning of the month the Folha de São Paulo reported that the Brazilian Air Force believes that the pilots accidently entered the radio frequency codes into the transponder in place of the transponder codes, thus disabling both the radio and the transponder.
I haven't heard anything about this claim since.
Personally, I am inclined to believe that a bad or poorly designed electrical connection of some kind is at fault. I live in Brazil and have observed that Brazilian-made electrical products often have connection problems. Even though the parts are often made in foreign counties, I think the Brazilian factories probably assemble them badly.
Joe, your blog is great, and your observations about Brazilian culture improve with every hilarious post. Did you once say you hadn't spent much time in this country? You are learning fast!Please keep it up

wondering ego said...

The issue here is not the quality of the brazilian made planes, as there are thousands of them flying around the globe, with no more problems that any Boing or any Airbus. This kind of comment is ridiculous and out of boundary...

Concerning the Whac-a-mole game, this is a serious political issue which Mr Sharkey is pointing at.

Gerald Thomas said...

My name is Gerald Thomas (have been widely reported by the Times (
had just written a huge comment but at the end it required some sort of google password.
any way, it had to do with a criminal airline called TAM (with the biggest number of crashes in its short history on this planet)
yet, they want to blame it on Congonhas' airport which has been there since the 50's
Brazil is becoming a RIDICULOUS country under a thug called LULA.
(Larry Rohter has reporter on my work.
My previous comment was more to the point, since I practically take the Rio-SP shuttle all the time, when my plays are on in Brazil.
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