Thursday, July 26, 2007

Better He Should Deliver Himself to a Safe Aviation System

Quote of the day, uttered by President Luiz Inacio Lula ("Lucky Lula") da Silva as he swore in the replacement to Wonderful Waldir Pires, fired yesterday as defense minister, whose duties included running Brazil's (still chaotic) commercial aviation system. (That's Lucky Lula, right, kitted out in his splendid sash like the Generalissimo of the School Safety Patrol).

"Every time the airplane door closes, I deliver myself to God," the president said.



Carlos said...

Brazil's commercial aviation system Brazil's begins chaotical when the plane you are flying, the Legacy, crashed brazilian plane, killing 154 brazilians, due to the incompetence of american pilots the turn off instruments. Then all we are seeing is political oportunism due to stupid cometaries as yours. You should learn about aviation before writting about it. How much are you earning, from who, for writting this bullshit?

David said...

I think Lula said that he's affraid of planes regardless the accidents that occured. Anyway, it was an indication that things are gonna change.

And about the Lucky Lula... You seem to understand nothing about politics. The accident happened some days before the first round elections. Lula didn't take the elections on the first round because many factors, including a still unexplained plane crash that put public opinion's eyes directly on the air traffic issues. All polls indicated that he'd take it on first round.

Cassandra_Moderna said...

It seems that perhaps the new Minister of Defense may be the right man for the job. He has stated that he will appoint persons with the appropriate technical abilities and that he will not be partisan in his appointments. He is said to be someone who centralizes his powers and controls with an iron fist. But, as my banking professor always taught, it is not enough to get rid of the arms and the legs, the head must go, too, and this is exactly what should happen to Juniti Saito, although absolutely no one has mentioned this in the press here.

As to President Lula, he has shown himself to be a failure as a leader during the worst crisis of his administration, and this is apparent to everyone here. There is no need to add further embellishment. His actions speak loudly for themselves.

You are pushing all of the emotional buttons of the Brazilians, and where emotions are aroused, reason flees, so little is added to the discussion.

father said...

To Carlos
Ithin tou r a idiot you don't now anything by airplanes and international law or roll haw to fly international,thin who put the legacy a 370 feet the air contoles, second the transponder was no new was use part the was send to USA to checked, so tall meif you bye a new car with used parts you well be not happy bot the company there, you think the pilots torn the transponder off that is equal come suicide

Carlos said...

My criticism to this blog was evident in the aftermath of the recent disaster in SP. Because of the many still unexplained events with the GOL-Legacy collision last year, I have reasons to disagree with the author of the blog when he says the pilots were completely innocent. Also, any kind of mockery merely two days after the accident in Congonhas (see the post with Carmem Miranda) is outrageous. However, I disagree with the other Carlos above about the chaos in Brazilian aviation system. Lula is weak. Infraero spent only 35% of its budget and the results are tragic (not only safety, but what about the numerous flight cancelations, long and constant delays, etc). That's not because they are saving money, that's incompetence and irresponsibility. Brazilian tax-payers are getting ripped off.

PATRICIA M. said...

Again the same stupidity from the same person. WHO ARE TO BLAME FOR OUR CHAOTIC SYSTEM? The yankees, the yankees! Carlos says we had a beautiful air traffic system that was spoiled by the Americans. Isn't that cool? Or does this guys have a problem?