Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brazil's Aviation Crisis, 11 Months Later

Without comment except: What a difference 11 months makes. (Via, Brazil Magazine.


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Carlos said...

Wrong Facts in this new:

1. “[...] officials have been quick to accuse the short runway”: Congonhas has the same size as Chicago/Midway and Washington/Regan runways.

2. “[...]dangerous weather conditions”: there was a drizzle when Airbus landed.

3. “[..] insufficient security precautions”: They should be more precise. What precautions should be done to the pilots set the Thrust Lever at the right position? What Airbus did with this issue? What american airlines are doing with this issue?

4. “With this latest tragedy, questions are now being raised over the military's competence in handling this responsibility”: this was not an issue in Congonhas accident.