Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Brazil's Air Traffic Control: 'Outdated' and Dysfunctional

I overlooked this report in late June on a blog called ATC Brasil.



Lemon said...

i saw this on cnn:

and i'd like to tell you that the translation into english is not fully correct. they knew they had only one reverser and that it was not a problem, they knew the land was wet and were ok about that.

today i saw on folha online that the problem showed up only two seconds before the airplane touched the land, so it was probably a mechanical problem..

but it doesnt change the fact that congonhas shouldnt be working in that way. the government was so desperate to stop the "air chaos" (as it is called here) and make no delays on flights that they released a shitty and dangerous runway to big planes. get older magazines (mostly of the beggining of this year), after the gol crash and the air chaos, you'll see a bunch of specialists saying that congonhas was really dangerous. the government and infraero just didnt listen at all.

it's almost never only one the cause.

sorry for my crappy english.

LOKO said...

Hey Joe...

You critized Brazil so much about aviation. What do you have to tell us about the bridge in Minneapolis? How can the richest country in the world not be able to build up a bridge properly...That's a shame..

Carlos said...

Mr. Sharkey,
I find this new
. It begins with "During the past year, we’ve chronicled—with the help of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA)—the serious problems faced by the men and women who every day safely guide tens of thousands of planes and millions of passenger through the nation’s skies". Follows: "Many major air traffic control operations are seeing controllers leave at alarming rates.", and "National Transportation Safety Board reported last month was a serious safety concern".
I would like that you comment it.
It seems that this is a world wide spread problem, don't you think?
Best Regards.

PATRICIA M. said...

Hey Joe, Lucky Lula is having a bad time now that the middle class decided to boo him in every single event. Let's see if he wakes up from his inertia. The man is lazy, you know, never worked in his whole life and now thinks that being a president is like being a king: just visiting countries and waving to the public... What a stupid president we have.

PATRICIA M. said...

There comes the stupid brazilian talking about the bridge. As if in Brazil those things DO NOT happen every single day.

8 dead people in the bridge accident
390 dead in 2 stupid plane crashes in Brazil

And then the only the stupid brazilian can say is that: oh oh, you guys do not know how to build bridges? What an as*h*le...

PATRICIA M. said...

Joe, hope you understand spanish. From El Pais, interesting stuff about the figures spent by the federal government (Lucky Lula and his agencies) on airports in 2006.

Amazing how those guys are good in making marketing campaigns: they spent almost everything on unimportant stuff, like stores, and shopping centers and things like that, instead of spending money on the runways.

Here goes the link:

Carlos said...

Mr. Sharkey,
I overlooked this report Fewer air controllers could lead to more mistakes, union says
What let me apprehensive is: “The National Air Traffic Controllers Association, the union that represents those who "move tin," says some facilities are critically understaffed, causing delays and increasing the possibility of mistakes by tired controllers working 10-hour days and six-day weeks.”
I would appreciate very much your clarification if is it safe to travel to USA.
Best Regards.